4 Tips for Reselling Mobile Websites


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Reselling mobile websites is a smart business decision in 2012. Over 85% of mobile handsets can now access the mobile web, but over 93% of all small businesses do not have a mobile ready website.

Since the majority of  businesses are currently without a mobile website, there is an enormous opportunity for you to offer mobile solutions to your customers- now!  It’s easy when you work with a provider like MoFuse because we offer a program with special support and pricing just for Partners.

To help you get started, here are a few basic tips that will help you to sell mobile web products to your customers.

1) Present a mobile website as a “must have”

It is!  Some might wonder if a mobile website is necessary at all.  The quickest way to get them to understand why they need a mobile site is to ask them to bring up their current desktop website on their mobile  browser. Yikes!   Is the load time greater than 4 – 5 seconds? Once it loads can you use the site or do you have to zoom and position?

2) Help them design their mobile website

You’re the ‘doctor’. Help them know what is best for their mobile site. Connection and directions are very high on the list for mobile site design.  A click to call is a must!  Depending on their business they may want to include maps, m-commerce, coupons or even their blog feeds on the mobile site.  Design is important as it drives more usage by their customers.

The most important question you should be asking yourself prior to building a mobile website is: do they really need everything that is on their desktop site?  Probably not.   Keep it simple!  Often this means cutting back on unnecessary content.

3) Keywords For Your customer’s business - Who’s Looking

Knowing what types of information your customer’s customers are searching in order to find their business can help immensely with your mobile design decisions. Develop the content and keywords to match search patterns.

According to Bing, half of all mobile search queries are local-centric . Local mobile search is definitely a key trend in the mobile web.  It is important to design a mobile website that considers search terms. It will make the mobile site search friendly.

4) Set them up for results!

Learning about mobile web audience is a must!  Analytics gives you a view of traffic results helping to give you important insights about the effectiveness of site content.  Add surveys and data capture forms for a deeper understanding of the audience.  That’s what having a mobile site is really all about- connecting with their audience!  Giving your customer mobile interactions with their customers is a home run.

For additional tips and help in designing for the mobile web check out our white paper, Designing for the Mobile Web.  Also MoFuse offers discounts for Partners who sell 10 or more mobile sites! We make it easy for you to build your own mobile web business- today.  Find out more by emailing us at partner@mofuse.com