About MoFuse

MoFuse is the global leader in Mobile Web Content Management. Our mission is to make the mobile web affordable and easy for any business to build and manage a mobile website. MoFuse provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that our customers use to easily build mobile web sites, microsites, landing pages and forms. The Platform optimizes mobile sites for every smart phone and feature phone around the world. We also offer “Build It For Me” services for the mobile web.

MoFuse, short for Mobile Fusion, gives every business an easy and affordable path to connect with their growing mobile audience. MoFuse works with channel partners such as directory services, newspapers and media companies to reach local businesses. The MoFuse solution offers many options for powering up mobile sites including search, mobile commerce, click-to-call leads, mobile advertisements, and forms for mobile data capture. We keep it easy with a simple monthly subscription fee to access to the MoFuse platform for building, editing, and receiving analytics on their mobile audience.

Host to thousands of mobile sites for businesses, advertisers, and nonprofits, MoFuse provides a cost effective solution for businesses to establish pathways to new revenue and customer relationships in the mobile channel. MoFuse customers include Hearst/LocalEdge, The Denver Post, The State Department, Harper Collins, IBM, The Economist, Pandora and thousands of SMB organizations around the world.