Best of the Mobile Web: E-Commerce, Smartphone Adoption, Mobile Web Optimization and more

Best of Mobile WebsitesWe are kicking off a new weekly blog series, the Best of the Mobile Web.  Every week we will be sharing the top stories covering the mobile web that we have read that week.

Best of the Mobile Web:

1. How Mobile Trends are Shaping E-Commerce, from Mashable.

Website traffic from smartphones has grown 103% in the last year according to an infographic from Monetate. Read More

2.  College Students Challenge Marketers on Mobile, from eMarketer.

“By the time the class of 2016 graduates, close to 90 percent of college stud

ents in the US will own a smartphone.” Read article

3.  Flurry: Android, iOS Adoption Eclipses PC, Internet Growth Rates, from Fierce Mobile Content

“Subscribers are adopting Android and iOS devices at a rate ten times faster than that of PC adoption in the 1980s, Flurry reports.  In addition, smart device adoption is growing twice as fast as the Internet adoption during the 1990s and three times faster than recent social network adoption.” Read Article

4.  The Growing Importance of Mobile Web Optimization, from KISSmetrics.

“For online-only retailers, a mobile site can increase consumer engagement by as much as 85 percent.” Read Article

5. Mobile Web Usage Overtakes Fixed-Line Internet in India: StatCounter, from The Next Web.

“Mobile accounted for 51.63 percent of Web usage, with desktop devices making up the remaining 48.37 percent.  That’s a first for India, and it follows a steady uptick in the share of Internet usage from mobile and tablet devices.” Read article

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