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Just Published! Mobile Web for Not-For-Profit Organizations

 The need for not-for-profit organization to embrace the mobile web is a fact. The communities they serve and the causes they champion continue to need the provided outreach and support, but they’re moving away from the channels and vehicles through which NPOs have traditionally used to engage and connect with their audience. The world is rapidly embracing the mobile web as their primary means of learning, connecting, even giving.


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Artinium Evolving Local Business Through Mobile Marketing Expertise

There was a time when mobile optimized websites were a nice-to-have for many businesses, but only a must have” for the few publishers that could monetize their mobile website or mobile … Read More



The Douglas Auto Group: Powering Up The Regional Auto Dealership With The Mobile Web 

For The Douglas Auto Group of New Jersey, the mobile web is an important part of their advertising mix. “Our mobile websites work because they are focused on a particular advertising… Read More



Louisville Dyslexia Associates’: Leveraging The Mobile Web to Drive 25% of Inbound Inquiries

Louisville Dyslexia Associates provides parents, teachers, and professionals with educational resources and research regarding dyslexia, reading, and auditory issues. The organization’s website… Read More



Dolphin Global Technology Solutions: Developing Mobile Marketing Strategies & Quality Mobile User Experiences

Dolphin Global Technology Solutions is a mobile marketing company that provides mobile website design, development, hosting and SMS/texting services.  Founded in 2008, the company… Read More