The Douglas Auto Group: Powering Up The Regional Auto Dealership With The Mobile Web

Case Study for Douglas Auto GroupFor The Douglas Auto Group of New Jersey, the mobile web is an important part of their advertising mix. “Our mobile websites work because they are focused on a particular advertising offer” said Ken Beam, Digital Marketing Director for The Douglas Auto Group, “The beauty of our mobile site is that we make it very easy to navigate; the mobile site has to be as simplistic as possible in order to be effective”.

Mobile Website for Douglas Auto Group

The Douglas Auto Group does a great job of using many digital ‘touch points’ to reach their customers and prospects. On a regular basis, The Douglas Auto Group sends out an email newsletter then separately an email notification specifically to drive people to their mobile website. Ken says “When we do this we definitely see an upswing in traffic, both in store and on the web sites”


The Mobile Web Driving a Relationship and a Considered Purchase

Because mobile reduces the distance between intent and action, every dealership should make it very easy for mobile viewers to visit the site and get hours of operation, click to call and forms for making an appointment. The Douglas Auto Group gives you the option to get a quote, order parts and browse their inventory. They understand the need to connect with their mobile viewing audience.

A mobile website is a “must have” for auto dealerships. People are out looking at actual automobiles on the lot, theyMobile Website for Douglas will use their mobile handset to search both for a particular car and also a nearby dealership. With ‘store’ locator, the phone’s geo-position will help to deliver the mobile site of the nearest dealer. Any regional auto group should make sure people on the go can find their mobile web site and therefore access to their dealership.

For The Douglas Auto Group of New Jersey, a mobile website is an important part of their total digital outreach to customers and prospects. Ken Beam said, “I believe that mobile websites are about to become a major part of digital advertising in the next 3 to 5 years, that’s why I got us onboard now.” He added, “Remember, not everyone has access to a desk top or lap top all of the time, but they always have their phone”.

In the words of Ken Beam “Go mobile or be left behind!”