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Best of the Mobile Web: SMBs are Thinking Mobile


Best of the Mobile WebHere is our latest round up of what is happening in the world of mobile web this week.

Best of the Mobile Web:

1. “Survey: 49 Percent of SMBs to Incorporate Mobile into their Marketing Efforts Next Year,” from MarketingLand.

A new survey sponsored by mobile lead-gen provider Pontiflex found that 49 percent of small businesses (SMBs) are “somewhat likely or very likely” to incorporate mobile into their marketing efforts in the next year.

This points to the need for SMBs to establish a mobile presence through landing pages or a mobile optimized site.  Even Groupon agrees.  Read the entire article

2. “Young Adults, Teens Lead Smartphone Owners,” from Mashable.

The report [from Nielsen] released earlier…shows that smartphone owners ranging between 25-34 years of age increased 15% since July 2011. That means 74% of that age group now own smartphones. Read the entire article

3.  ”How Mobile Can be a Bridge to In-store Shopping,” from Ad Age.

A recent Google research project found that 80% of searches on smartphones are spontaneous, as opposed to planned, and nearly half of those are goal-oriented. Often those goals are purchases. Read the entire article

4.  ”Infographic: Men are Bigger Mobile Shoppers than Women,” from MobileMarketingWatch.

According to uSamp:

  • 27% of males purchase consumer electronics on mobile vs. 8% of females
  • 23% of males purchase movie and event tickets on mobile vs. 11% of females
  • 30% of males purchase digital content on mobile vs. 20% of females
  • 13% of males purchase food and drinks on mobile vs. 8% of females
  • 8% of males purchase office supplies on mobile vs. 4% of females
  • 8% of females purchase cosmetics on mobile vs. 2% of males

Check out the infographic here

5.  ”Bloomberg Exec: Mobilize, Don’t Miniaturize When Designing for Mobile,” from Mobile Marketer.

A Bloomberg executive…said although responsive design is ideal for many marketers, blindly taking modules that have been put together for a specific screen size and realigning things to fit is not a good approach. Read the entire article

What is on your radar? Leave us a comment below.

Google Maps Street View Now Available

Google has rolled out its Street View technology to mobile maps.  You don’t have to do anything – its already live on your mobile site if you use our Map Element.  If you have a mobile map element live on your MoFuse mobile website, your viewers can open the Google Map simply by pressing the actual map on their smartphone screen.  When the map opens, they can choose the Street View.

Just launched from Google and it already works on your mobile sites today!  Here’s an example of what it looks like on the phone:

Action Tracking Tells you what your Customers are Doing on Your Mobile Site

You need to know if your site is motivating users to take action. Action Tracking will tell you if:

  • They are clicking-to-call
  • They are converting through your mobile storefront
  • They are getting captured as potential leads

Understanding customer behavior and translating that into actionable data is essential if you want to maximize the impact and results of your mobile website. But getting that ‘actionable data’ in order to ‘maximize impact’ can mean a lot of work, and time is never a luxury.  Fortunately, MoFuse has made capturing user event data simple. And fast.

Introducing: Action Tracking

Action Tracking, a new addition to our Advanced Analytics package, allows MoFuse mobile websites to monitor and track user interactivity throughout the mobile site. Integrated into Click-to-Call, Click-to-SMS, mobile forms and mCommerce features, MoFuse’s Action Tracking will not only track action volume, but it will also identify the user’s geographic location, the time the user activity took place, and the referring mobile webpage. It’s a powerful addition to any website, and perfect  if you love landing pages. And when you’re ready to see what’s going on, generate a full report with the click of a button.

Action Tracking: Better Mobile Measurement, Better Mobile Management, Better Mobile Marketing.

Visit Our New Help Desk

Great news! In an ongoing effort to enhance and improve the MoFuse customer experience, we have updated our Help Desk.

Now when you click “Support” from your account or go directly to, the experience you can find even more content in our knowledge base (which is growing daily), and submitting and tracking issues will be quicker and easier! Come visit and let us know what you think.

New Templates & Custom CSS

We’ve made big changes to the Custom CSS page.

When you click the paint brush icon (now called  the “Look and Feel” page)  you can choose from a number of pre-made templates in addition to uploading your own Custom CSS as before.

Using the New Templates

  • To change your site from the default template to new template, simply click the template name on the left. You can preview your site in the window on the same page.  Once you’ve decided on a template, click save at the bottom of the page, and you’re good to go.
  • To update colors and take the template you chose even farther, you can apply Custom CSS box below the template selector. 
  • To use the Color Sector (the paint can icon) you will need to go back to the default template, and then can work with this to change colors as before.

We only have a few templates up there now, but more templates and color schemes are on the way!

Two of our new templates: 

     Jet Black                                                                                           Purple Haze



Applying CSS

Just as before, you can apply your own CSS to the mobile site to create a unique look and feel.  The CSS box is now below the templates and you can use this in one of two ways:

1) Layer your own CSS onto one of our templates. If you change templates, your CSS will interact differently with the new template.

2) Apply CSS to the default template.  Just the same as you’ve always done.

If you want to create your own mobile site design but don’t know CSS or just don’t have time, our services team can help. Click here to connect with a Mobile Design Expert.  We manage full site builds, or can quote any CSS work or styling you want to apply to a pre-existing site.


Preview: iPhone or Galaxy Nexus

When previewing a site from your desktop computer you can select an iPhone or Galaxy Nexus (Android) emulator. BlackBerry and others are on the way.

Tip: Don’t just use this while designing your site!  Once you have a great looking site, take a snapshot of it inside the previewer.  Then, scroll to the bottom of the site (still inside the previewer), and click the “Desktop”  link at the bottom. This opens the desktop URL – still inside the previewer.   Now, take a snapshot again.  With these two screenshots, you can create a quick “Before and After” slide to present internally, or to your clients!

Adding Text Area to your forms

We’ve recently added a new option to our form builder that allows you to create a Text Area for your form. The text area can be used to capture more information from visitors when they are on your mobile site, to receive comments, feedback and more. To add this option, in the form builder select Text area.

Take a look below to see how Dolphin Global Technology added the text area to their client’s site. They are using it to receive comments at the end of their form.
MoFuse - Text Area

Maps Element Update: Linked to Google Maps

When you use a Map Element to add a map image of your location, the image is now also linked to that exact location on Google Maps.  This means mobile visitors can view the location while on your mobile site, and have the option to click to that exact location on Google maps online.

A recommendation: Use the new feature, and add a “Map it!” text link or Link Element in there for extra clarity and usability.



Boost your Mobile Web Traffic with QR Codes

We make managing your QR code activities easy! 

QR, or Quick Response Codes are an excellent way to engage customers to connect with your mobile web site.  The user snaps your QR code and it delivers them immediately to the mobile page that you set up.  You can send them to your primary mobile site or pages within your site – just by associating the mobile URL with the QR code in our QR Code Manager.

Some ideas include: a mobile coupon to use at check out, a mobile landing page with a video that showcases your product, a data capture form to complete a survey, download a newsletter or white paper, or  simply learn more about your company. By delivering these customers to a mobile-optimized landing page, you are marketing your company as being ahead of the competition.

With our QR Manager, we make it easy for you to instantly create and launch a powerful QR Code strategy:

  • QR Labeling: Easily keep track of each of your codes with Labels.  You can now easily label your QR Code by simply clicking on the ‘pencil’ icon in the QR Manager toolbar:
  • Track and Download your QR Activity: Keep track of how many clicks you’ve received over the past week or several months by selecting the analytics icons in the QR Manager toolbar. You can also download your analytics at any time via a .CSV file:


Download your Mobile Site Analytics!

Exciting news! You can now download your mobile website analytics directly from your MoFuse dashboard! Simply do the following:

  1. Log-in to your MoFuse account
  2. Access the mobile site menu for your mobile website
  3. Click into the ‘Analytics’ section
  4. Select the time-frame for which you’d like to download your total and unique page views
  5. Once this is done, click ‘Download CSV’