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Editing your Site’s CSS by Element

Did you know that you can easily edit your mobile site’s CSS by element? That’s right, you can tweak the CSS for an individual element on your mobile website without having to dig for classes or ID’s.

To access this feature, you’ll simply want to do the following:

1) In your MoFuse dashboard, click into the “Edit Elements” page

2) Select any of your elements and plug in your CSS code within the “Custom CSS” box

This feature is excellent if you want to edit the style of an individual element on your website with CSS, but don’t want to dig for that element’s class or ID. An example of when to use this feature would be if you wanted to change the color, font, font size, or style of an individual page title.

Here’s an example below for The Naples Group mobile website (see the “Members” page title):

Track your QR Code Analytics!

We’ve released a new functionality to our QR Code Manager which allows you to track the analytics for your QR code campaigns! Now, you not only have the ability to create QR codes right from your MoFuse dashboard, you can also track how many visitors have scanned a specific QR code over the course of the campaign, as well as within the past week and past several months.

To use this new tool, simply click into the QR Code Manager and select a QR code, assuming one has already been created. Click on the “bar graph” icon and you’ll be able to keep tabs on your QR Code activity!

Creating a Header Across All Pages of Your Site

You can easily create a header across all pages of your site, by “locking” any content block.

Here’s how:

1) In the Add Elements page within your MoFuse dashboard, create the content block for your header.

2) On the Site Layout page, lay this element at the very top of your mobile site.

3) Still on the Site Layout page, click the pencil icon for the content block element. This opens a quick edit ability.

4) Select Yes for “Lock as Header?

Congrats! You’ve now created a content header throughout your mobile website. You can unlock or replace this header at any time from the Site Layout page.

A great application of this feature that we see frequently: Use a content block to lock an image or text link to a page of site with a lead gen  form for event registration, newsletter sign up, contact form, or even member donations.

Make your Maps Interactive!

Have a map on your mobile site but looking to make it more interactive? We recommend linking your map to Google Maps, so it becomes clickable!

Here’s how to do this:

1) Create a map element in the ‘Add Elements’ panel*

*Ignore step 1 if you already have a map on your mobile site

2) Lay out the map on your mobile website

3) Save the image of the map to your computer’s hard drive

4) Upload the image as an Image element and link it to the location’s address in Google maps

5) Delete the previously-created map, and then lay out your new image!

Doing this can be a great way to create a more user-friendly map, and it allows your mobile visitors to easily navigate to your location once they’ve clicked through to Google Maps!

Mobile-Optimized mCommerce with PayPal

Good news! PayPal now offers a mobile-optimized payment page! No more scrolling or zooming, so the entire payment process is easy and smooth.

PayPal’s mCommerce solution also allows the purchaser to either log in to their PayPal account or simply pay by credit card. Whether you’re selling goods or services, these features will deliver an incredibly easy payment solution to your mobile customers.

Setting up a Buy Now button on your mobile site is easy.  Read more about how to do this here.

Thank you, PayPal!

Drive Sales with Mobile Coupons

Looking for a way to tie mobile your mobile site to in-store sales?  Try creating a mobile coupon! These are an effective way to drive mobile website traffic and they also work well in conjunction with QR code and SMS campaigns.

How to do this on MoFuse – in just two steps:

  1. Create an image of your coupon. Depending on the coupon, you may decide to include a bar code which can be scanned at the point of sale.
  2. Upload your image in the ‘Add Elements’ page.

Find your Mobile Sites Quickly!

Have multiple sites in your account? Don’t feel like scrolling through your entire portfolio for one mobile site? We don’t blame you. That’s why we developed the mobile portfolio search box.

Now, you can quickly and easily find one of your mobile sites using the search box. Simply type either part of all of website name into the box and voila! There it is. We know those of you with tens and hundreds of sites will love this new feature – thank you for telling us what you need!

New PayPal Element = More m-commerce Options

We’ve added a PayPal element to our Elements page, for all Basic level plans and up.

If you are an existing PayPal client, all you need to create this element is to insert your PayPal email address and complete the fields for payment amount.  Once created, you can lay this element out as needed on the site layout page.

As with Google Checkout, the PayPal button makes it easy for customers to purchase items directly from your  mobile site and MoFuse does not take any piece of the transaction.

1. Set Up Your PayPal “Buy Now” Button

paypal mobile, mcommerce, mobile commerce

Set Up a Buy Now Button on Your Mobile Site

2. Drag & drop the Buy Now button next to the item you’re selling.

mobile commerce, paypal, m-commerce

Place Two Ad Tags – One on Top, One on Bottom

You asked and we delivered!

In response to your requests to set up separate mobile ad tags for the top and bottom of your site, we’ve recently made changes to our Mobile Advertising page on the platform.

In addition to turning ads on/off, and choosing placement (top, bottom or both top and bottom of your site) you can now also insert separate ad tags on the top and bottom of the site.

This is especially useful to anyone working with mobile ad sponsors, testing multiple ad networks, or just interested in maximizing mobile ad revenue.

Click the money bag icon to monetize your site with mobile ads!