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Google Maps Street View Now Available

Google has rolled out its Street View technology to mobile maps.  You don’t have to do anything – its already live on your mobile site if you use our Map Element.  If you have a mobile map element live on your MoFuse mobile website, your viewers can open the Google Map simply by pressing the actual map on their smartphone screen.  When the map opens, they can choose the Street View.

Just launched from Google and it already works on your mobile sites today!  Here’s an example of what it looks like on the phone:

Maps Element Update: Linked to Google Maps

When you use a Map Element to add a map image of your location, the image is now also linked to that exact location on Google Maps.  This means mobile visitors can view the location while on your mobile site, and have the option to click to that exact location on Google maps online.

A recommendation: Use the new feature, and add a “Map it!” text link or Link Element in there for extra clarity and usability.



Boost your Mobile Web Traffic with QR Codes

We make managing your QR code activities easy! 

QR, or Quick Response Codes are an excellent way to engage customers to connect with your mobile web site.  The user snaps your QR code and it delivers them immediately to the mobile page that you set up.  You can send them to your primary mobile site or pages within your site – just by associating the mobile URL with the QR code in our QR Code Manager.

Some ideas include: a mobile coupon to use at check out, a mobile landing page with a video that showcases your product, a data capture form to complete a survey, download a newsletter or white paper, or  simply learn more about your company. By delivering these customers to a mobile-optimized landing page, you are marketing your company as being ahead of the competition.

With our QR Manager, we make it easy for you to instantly create and launch a powerful QR Code strategy:

  • QR Labeling: Easily keep track of each of your codes with Labels.  You can now easily label your QR Code by simply clicking on the ‘pencil’ icon in the QR Manager toolbar:
  • Track and Download your QR Activity: Keep track of how many clicks you’ve received over the past week or several months by selecting the analytics icons in the QR Manager toolbar. You can also download your analytics at any time via a .CSV file:


Editing your Site’s CSS by Element

Did you know that you can easily edit your mobile site’s CSS by element? That’s right, you can tweak the CSS for an individual element on your mobile website without having to dig for classes or ID’s.

To access this feature, you’ll simply want to do the following:

1) In your MoFuse dashboard, click into the “Edit Elements” page

2) Select any of your elements and plug in your CSS code within the “Custom CSS” box

This feature is excellent if you want to edit the style of an individual element on your website with CSS, but don’t want to dig for that element’s class or ID. An example of when to use this feature would be if you wanted to change the color, font, font size, or style of an individual page title.

Here’s an example below for The Naples Group mobile website (see the “Members” page title):

Boost Your Web Presence with SEO-Friendly URL’s

Ladies and gentleman, get ready. SEO-Friendly URL’s have arrived!

With this new feature, you can now create custom URL’s for each page and RSS feeds on your mobile website.

For instance, let’s assume you’ve created a website for John’s Sneaker Shop, with the following URL: If you add a ‘Contact Us‘ page to the site, you can name it

Additionally, you can edit the URL for pages or RSS feeds which have already been built into a mobile site in the Edit Elements page.

We hope you’re as excited about this new feature as we are!

Platform Update

The MoFuse platform issues have been cleared since late yesterday.

Please let us know if you experience any further issues by sending a message to

Help People Find Your Mobile Site

People are using  Search as a primary way to get to your mobile web site.

You can help users to find your mobile site by claiming it on the major search engines.  Since Google is far and away the largest search engine in terms of market share, the first step to promoting your mobile website is to sign up for Google Webmaster Tools if you haven’t already. Simply go to and either sign in or register.

Then, you’ll want to submit your mobile URL to Google so that your site can get indexed.

To do this, visit the following page:

Keep in mind that it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks, on average, for your mobile site to index in Google.     By claiming your site on Google,  you will be on your way to making sure that mobile ‘searchers’ find your mobile site.

  • Note that Google will not make any guarantees on whether or not your site gets indexed

Analytics Are Back!

Our database renovation project is complete!  You will find analytics back live and better than ever.  If you haven’t yet tried the Analytics menu, just click on the icon on the main dashboard.

Analytics Menu

You can select dates and hit  ‘Go’.  Next you will see a graphic representation of all page views – including Uniques vs. Total Page Views.  You’ll also see the Top 10 pages viewed (or expand to all pages), Top 10 devices, Country Statistics and Carrier Statistics.   Thank you for your patience!

Trying to convince others they need a mobile site?

We’re always amazed that for some folks the need to have a mobile site still takes some convincing.  If you find this also, and you’re looking for good data points to share with clients or internal team members, we can help!

Here’s a recent quick read from Mobile Marketer on why you need to be mobile:

And don’t forget these other good resources:

MoFuse Learning Center Resources: provides helpful links and resources on being mobile.

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