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Tracking Mobile Page Views with Google

Did you know that you can use Google Analytics to track audience metrics for your  mobile site?

On your mobile site menu, click the Google icon. From here, select the Google Analytics option. Enter your Analytics ID and click the Save button.

This is an easy way to track your mobile page views right alongside your desktop visits.

This feature is open to  anyone with a Basic, Small Business, or Ultimate account and our Partners.  For clients with an Ultimate or Small Business Account that use another tracking platform such as Omniture or Webtrends we can add those tags for you as well. Send an email to us at

New Analytics are Coming Soon

You may have noticed that MoFuse analytics presents some very basic information about your mobile audience. We are in transition and continue to collect all of the traffic details of your mobile site. Although the details may not show on the report screen in the near term, rest assured we are collecting the information. Coming soon will be a new interface with even easier means of understanding your audience.

MoFuse DNS Migration

Over the weekend we migrated to a new, superior DNS system to better increase site availability and speed. This new DNS system has edge locations throughout the world so your content is delivered to your mobile users faster.

As you can imagine, this is a significant upgrade.  While and mobiles sites for the vast majority of global network providers made the move without notice, there was a minor hitch today that may have caused your mobile sites to appear unavailable to some networks for short period of time. This has since been resolved.

If you notice any further issues please let us know right away!

MoFuse CEO Named Mobile Woman to Watch

Looking forward to the new year, we’re pleased to share that our CEO, Annette Tonti, was named as one of the 2011 Mobile Woman to Watch, by Mobile Marketer.  This list “celebrates the smart women who are expected to make a difference in mobile advertising, marketing, media and commerce in 2011.”

We hope you’ll agree that this is a great way to begin a new year!

What can I do with the QR code manager?

So MoFuse has a new QR Code Manager… what can I do with this?

Let’s say your client is the City of Springfield, and their goal is to promote community involvement for local events and public awareness campaigns. To do this, you’ve placed a single QR code in their print publications, at city bus stops, at train stations, on the side of government vehicles, etc.

In early September, Homer is waiting for the bus and points his phone at the QR code posted at the bus stop. This brings up a mobile site with back to school safety tips. On September 15, when Hispanic Heritage month begins, Home is waiting for the bus again, and points his phone at the same QR code on the bus shelter. This time, it brings up a site featuring Hispanic Heritage celebrations around town. In October, you change that QR code url again, so that now it sends Homer to a landing page to register for the city’s Oktoberfest event.

You get the picture. And all of this is easily done by logging into your MoFuse account and selecting our QR Code Manager to redirect that QR Code.

QR Codes Give Your Readers Easy Access – Anywhere

We’ve integrated a great new feature – QR codes!    Each mobile site that you build on the MoFuse platform will now have an associated QR code.  It is very easy to download this code and publish it, print it, post it – anywhere you can.   The new menu option looks like this:

QR Code Menu Button

All you need to do is to click on this menu button and you will see a Small, Medium and Large version of your   associated QR code.     Just download the image and it is ready for publication.  You can put the QR code anywhere that your customers can see it.   We’ve seen these on restaurant menus, in hotel lobbies, published in magazines and incorporated into advertisements.   Here is a sample QR code from MoFuse:

How it works for your readers:

Readers with smartphones will have access to QR Code reader software.  Usually you can download a QR reader for free or it is packaged up with certain phones.   Your viewer simply points at the QR code and it will automatically (and quickly) take them to your mobile site!

It’s simple… and a great way to get mobile viewers to your site!

Check out more about QR codes in our Small Screen Blog.