Partner Program FAQ

How do I get started? If you haven’t already, fill out our partner form so that we can get a better sense of your business. Afterward, we’ll contact you and answer any questions you may have. Meanwhile, you may get started by creating a free MoFuse account. We will be able to adjust your account into a partner account. At that point you can start building & selling mobile websites!


Do you offer a white labeled solution? Yes, our mobile websites are completely white labeled and your clients and customers will never know about MoFuse. You can even place “Powered by your Company Name” at the bottom of every site you build! If you are interested in a white labeled platform or a larger partnership where your clients build the sites or we build mobile sites on behalf of yours we’ll be happy to discuss these options as well.  


What is the pricing? We offer no sign up fees, no annual fees and no contracts. We work with our partners and resellers on a monthly basis. You only pay a small monthly fee for each site that you build. Our fee is priced low enough so you can pass the pricing over to your client and make a good profit. We also have discounted pricing based on volume as you grow.


How long does it take to design a mobile website? The average mobile website build on our platform is between 10 and 25 minutes. Of course, each site is considered different and a mobile site with many pages or with a high level of customization will much take longer. We will be happy to provide you with a demo and show you how simple it is to create a mobile site.


Do you offer support, training or marketing materials?  Yes across the board. We offer live chat support on our platform, a large knowledge base and a technical support department. As a partner, you will also have a direct line to mobile coach.


If you have not signed up, click here and sign up today!