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Analytics Are Back!

Our database renovation project is complete!  You will find analytics back live and better than ever.  If you haven’t yet tried the Analytics menu, just click on the icon on the main dashboard.

Analytics Menu

You can select dates and hit  ‘Go’.  Next you will see a graphic representation of all page views – including Uniques vs. Total Page Views.  You’ll also see the Top 10 pages viewed (or expand to all pages), Top 10 devices, Country Statistics and Carrier Statistics.   Thank you for your patience!

New Analytics are Coming Soon

You may have noticed that MoFuse analytics presents some very basic information about your mobile audience. We are in transition and continue to collect all of the traffic details of your mobile site. Although the details may not show on the report screen in the near term, rest assured we are collecting the information. Coming soon will be a new interface with even easier means of understanding your audience.

Analytics: Pick a Date!

With our latest release, you can get a quick glance at the mobile site pageviews and unique visitors right on your dashboard.

And on the analytics page, you can now select a range of dates for which you want to view analytics- a much better way to view and track your mobile site performance!

Yes, You Can Integrate with Google Analytics!

Last week Google launched a new mobile analytics tool, and we’re right behind them! If you have a Basic, Small Business or Ultimate plan, you now have the option to integrate your site with Google Analytics.

The new Google mobile analytics tracks two basic categories of user interaction, page views and events, for iPhone and Android applications.

On the MoFuse side, we give you two options for how you want to integrate your site with Google. You can

  1. Run all of your analytics for your mobile and desktop site into one Google Analytics site profile, or
  2. Set up separate Google Analytics profiles for your mobile and desktop sites

Clients ask us all the time, “Why can’t I integrate with Google Analytics?” Up until now, we’ve had to tell everyone that it wasn’t possible because Google Analytics (like most web analytics packages) is Javascript-based, and Javascript simply doesn’t work on the vast majority of handsets, so you only get a limited snapshot of your site’s traffic.  With this new mobile analytics tool at least we can now reply, “Yes, you can integrate with Google!”.

You can read more about what Google has to say on the Official Google Blog, and you can get started right away by going to Google Tools page on MoFuse, choosing Google Analytics, and following the instructions.

This integration and tool is new to us too, so as always, please let us know what you think by sending us an email at support@mofuse.com.

New Analytics & Dashboard

We’ve just released a new version of analytics, along with your new dashboard. On the analytics page you can now view statistics for carriers, devices, and countries that are accessing your site.

And if you have more than one site, you can see a roll-up of analytics for all your sites right on your dashboard.

We hope you like the new look!